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17/12/2021 - 17:00

Ski equipment

A holiday at a ski resort is a time to relax and to escape from everyday distractions, but planning what to wear skiing or remembering all of the equipment needed for alpine skiing can be a little stressful. To make your visit to a destination such as Grandvalira ski resort as easy as possible, we’ll outline in this guide exactly what to wear to ski resort next time you escape for a winter vacation.


What ski equipment do I need?

One of the biggest choices to make when pondering what equipment do you need for alpine skiing is to decide if you’ll rent the actual skis, poles and bindings from the resort. If you’re more of a beginner, this is often the best option because those working on the slopes possess expert knowledge of all ski equipment and will fit you out with exactly what you need. Others prefer to bring their own skis, poles and bindings, which is absolutely fine too.

The other main pieces of ski equipment that are common to rent at the ski resort are the ski helmets and goggles, as these can be difficult to find and purchase elsewhere.


What to wear to a ski resort?

Then comes the clothing part of the what to wear skiing issue. Logically, it’s vital that you wrap up warm when taking to the snow, so it’s recommended that, on top of your normal clothing, you wear: long underwear, thick socks, a fleece, a ski jacket, long trousers, gloves and also a neck gaiter or a balaclava.

It is recommended that you avoid cotton ski clothing, as this material isn’t waterproof and isn’t breathable. Wool is fine, though, as are all other waterproof items.


what to wear skiingWhat boots to wear for skiing?

When deciding what boots to wear for skiing, it is recommended that you tackle this before departing on your skiing or snowboarding holiday. That’s because it’s really important that the boots fit your feet perfectly and that they’re comfortable. Although it is possible to rent ski boots from a resort, they’re unlikely to be the perfect fit.

This means you should go shopping for your ski boots beforehand and it can be quite confusing for first-timers, as there are many different types. For alpine skiing, there are front-entry boots, rear-entry boots, side-entry boots and more. The most common type of skiing boot is the front-entry boot, which can also be called top-entry and which means the tongue opens forward to allow your foot to slide in from the top.

As long as your ski boot has grip, is waterproof and, most importantly, fits exactly, then it’ll do the job. Going one size up is not recommended when it comes to selecting your ski boots, as this can cause issues when binding to the skis.


The big ski equipment checklist

Hopefully, all of the above has answered the question of ‘What equipment do you need for alpine skiing?’, but it’s true that there is a lot to take in. So, here comes our big ski equipment checklist to summarise all of the items mentioned above.

  • Skis, poles and bindings (which can be and often are rented at the ski resort)
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Boots
  • Long underwear
  • Thick socks
  • Fleece
  • Ski jacket
  • Long trousers
  • Gloves
  • Neck gaiter or balaclava


This can all add up to be quite a lot of skiing equipment, which is why there are ski lockers at Grandvalira. There, you can store all your ski equipment away at the end of a day on the slopes, so that you don’t have to carry it all around with you as you then enjoy the various après ski activities on offer.

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