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Freeride lessons ski and snowboard

Ski lovers looking for the real thing - descents over ungroomed snow where there’s a challenge around every corner will find the perfect place for freeriding in Grandvalira with its obstacles and jumps against an unbeatable backdrop.


Grandvalira Freeride

Freeride Center 

Those who want to start this fast-paced sport can do so at the Freeride Center of Grandvalira's ski and snowboard school which has instructors with a unique knowledge of the mountain, all the relevant qualifications as mountain guides, as well as the essential equipment for tackling any off-piste excursion while capable of facing any risky situation with all guarantees.

The Freeride Center offers private classes or camps aimed at learning the techniques for ungroomed snow, safety techniques, nivology and the use of specific safety material (avalanche victim detector, shovels and probes).



Private lessons prices

The ambassadors of the Ski and Snowboard School, and the Ski & Mountain Academy are the new monitor model inspired by the most cutting-edge domains in the United States. 
They are instructors with higher qualifications, who stay with you throughout the ski day to discover the most unusual and surprising corners of Grandvalira. 
This type of training allows access to  adapted programs to each level and 100% personalized.

Schedule HoursHigh season (A)Low season (B)Person supplementBuy
10 am to 2 pm2152 €136,50 €+8 €Online
9  to 10 am and  2 to 5 pm2128,50 €117 €+8 €
10 am to 2 pm6403 €360 €+24 €
9 to 10 am and 2 to 5 pm6381,50 €347,50 €+24 €
9 am to 5 pm10645 €576,50 €+40 €

Private lessons conditions

  • Price per person.
  • For other time range, check rates online.
  • Valid prices for lessons that begin at the same time each day.
  • Maximum 6 people per group.
  • To ensure an appropriate progression, Grandvalira advised that for reservations of private lessons of 2 people or more, costumers must have similar age and level.
  • Ski pass: To avail any school service, you must have a valid day pass, multi-day pass, season Andorra Pass or Plus+ Ski Pass on the dates of the service booking. Pedestrian, beginner and Mountain Pass passes are excluded.

Related questions

What is freeride skiing?

Freeriding is an off-piste type of skiing and snowboarding.

Where can you do freeriding in Andorra?

You can do freeriding in mountain areas, such as the Andorran woods, hillsides or valleys, with slopes and natural obstacles, and powder snow.

How many freeride areas does Grandvalira have?

There are 14 freeride areas in Grandvalira, which are indicated on the resort map.

What is recommended in freeride practice?

Off-piste skiing carries a risk and is the responsibility of the skier. Always choose the off-piste area based on your skill level. At Grandvalira, we recommend undertaking the activity accompanied, using avalanche transceiver systems (AVD), controlling speed, and wearing a helmet.