Grandvalira esqui de montaña

Ski mountaineering routes and schedule

Itineraries during daytime, from 7 am to 5.00 pm.

  • Canillo sector: Fornet - Roca del Forn - Maians - Ribaescorjada. 
  • El Tarter sector: Obac - Comellar - Planells Ribaescorjada - Avetar - Mirador d'Incles - Collart - Gall de Bosc. 
  • Soldeu sector : Bosc de Soldeu - Espiolets.
  • Peretol sector: Peretol - Solana del Forn.
  • Grau Roig sector: Cortals - Cubil - Llac de Cubil - Bosc de Moretó - Yurta - Llac - Pessons -  Montmalús - Circ d'Envalira. 
  • Pas de la Casa sector: Variant Coll Blanc - Antenes - Isards.

Itineraries after resort opening hours, from 5.30 pm to 10 pm and from 7 am to 9 am *

  • El Tarter sector: Gall de Bosc - Soldeu - Bosc Fosc - Os - Duc - Cap de Llosada. By slope.
  • Soldeu sector: Bosc Fosc - Os - Duc - Cap de Llosada.  By slope. 
  • Pas de la Casa sector: Directa - Pista Llarga/ Pic Blanc.  By slope. 
  • Grau Roig sector: Circuit Montmalús - Pista Montmalús.  By slope.

* From 10 pm to 7 am, it is not allowed to practice ski mountaineering on the slopes of the ski resort.

Mountain Pass

The Mountain Pass season pass makes it possible to access the trails set up for these sports and to use certain lifts, with one ascent and one descent per day and lift.

  • At Ordino Arcalís, the Tristaina gondola.
  • At Pal Arinsal, the La Massana gondola, Els Orriols gondola in Arinsal, Arinsal-Pal cable car, La Tossa ski lift and the Pla de la Cot conveyor belt.   
  • At Grandvalira, these lifts are the Canillo gondola, the El Tarter gondola, the Soldeu gondola, the Els Pioners gondola (Pas de la Casa), the Funicamp, the Montmalús surface lift and the Xavi chairlift.

The Mountain Pass also includes first-aid service and transfer to the resort’s medical centre in case of accidents on the trails and slopes set up for these sports.

Rules of conduct


Map of mountain skiing and snowshoeing

Related questions

What is ski mountaineering?

It is a discipline that combines skiing with mountaineering. Practitioners use special skins attached to their skis to make their way to the top of the mountain, from where they can enjoy the descent. It requires technical skills and knowledge of safety measures on terrain that lies outside of traditional ski slopes.

Where can ski mountaineering be enjoyed in Andorra?

Andorra, with its impressively mountainous landscape, offers magnificent opportunities for ski mountaineering. Noteworthy areas include the slopes that form part of Grandvalira Resorts, which provide access to challenging and spectacular terrain. Enthusiasts can enjoy thrilling ascents and descents while exploring the natural beauty of this small country in the Pyrenees.

What ski mountaineering options are available in Grandvalira?

Grandvalira is one of Andorra’s foremost destinations for ski mountaineering. It offers a variety of routes and trails for all levels, ranging from beginner to expert. Additionally, the resort organises a number of events and activities for ski mountaineering enthusiasts, offering a complete experience in a spectacular environment.