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Grandvalira has reinvented itself in order to improve the user experience, with more services, increased transport capacity and new products aimed at satisfying users’ needs. Grandvalira has invested more than 120 million euros over the past 13 years to continue optimizing the customer experience, both within and without the skiable area.


Grandvalira has five medical centers dotted around the different sectors in the resort and a helicopter in case the victims require evacuation.



Grandvalira offers a ski locker service located at the points of entry to the different sectors to make your days of skiing much more comfortable. This service allows you to put away all your equipment at the end of the day instead of having to carry it around with you.



In Grandvalira we offer you a professional photography service. On our slopes we have a team of photographers who will photograph your skiing in a professional way, offering quality images that you can print in any format.

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