Hiking in Andorra: Best walks and day trails

When most people think of Andorra, they’ll picture a ski holiday in Andorra given that the principality is recognised around the world for its incredible ski resorts. But, walking in Andorra and day hikes in Andorra are also popular activities for tourists.

While the Andorra ski resorts are best in the middle of winter, the good thing about Andorra hiking is that summer walking in Andorra is possible and this is a year-round way to see and experience the landscapes of the beautiful Pyrenes.

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Hiking trails Andorra: Is Andorra good for hiking? What are the different types of hiking trails in Andorra?

Trekking Andorra is one of the best ways to see this beautiful part of the world. So, the answer to the question of whether Andorra is good for hiking is that yes, Andorra hiking is absolutely worth looking in to. The main reason is that this is a mountainous part of Europe that naturally produces a wide variety of Andorra hiking routes, of different levels of difficulty, while the Pyrenean scenery means that walkers will be treated to spectacular views of Andorra along the way.

In terms of the different types of hiking trails Andorra has to offer, there really is so much variety. There are some medium to high difficulty routes, which take you around or up some of the 65 peaks of over 2,000 metres that Andorra has to offer. Or, if you want something less strenuous, Andorra La Vella hiking is possible too, as there are paths that start in the microstate’s capital and that don’t go too far away.

If you’re simply looking into day hikes in Andorra to add just a little bit of walking in Andorra to your holiday, then there are many Andorra hiking tours for you. If you want something more intense, such as one of the multiday Andorra hiking routes, then that is possible too. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Andorra hiking.

Andorra hiking map: Where are the best hikes in Andorra?

The good news for anyone planning to go hiking or walking in Andorra is that the Andorra tourism board has produced several helpful guides to the best walks in Andorra. For example, the tourism board offers a best walks in Andorra hiking map and this has useful information.

As they themselves explain: “The Visit Andorra hiking trail maps come with all kinds of useful information. As well as a geographical map, you also get the route’s duration, difficulty rating, altitude, flora and fauna, and the mountain shelters available along the way and a description of each of its stages. The guide, which includes more than 60 different routes, can be purchased at any of Andorra’s Tourist Offices and it is published in English, French, Spanish, and Catalan.”

These guides provide more detail on the best hikes in Andorra, but the tourist office highlights the following three areas as being among the best spots for day hikes in Andorra:

  • Parque Natural del Valle del Sorteny: This is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so there is lots of wildlife that you can enjoying during any trekking Andorra experience within this park.
  • Valle del Madriu-Perafita-Claror: This valley is a big river basin and is perfect for all kinds of outdoor experiences, from winter walking activities like snowshoeing to summer walking in Andorra too.
  • Parque Natural Comunal Valls de Comapedrosa: This is another natural park and one which contains Andorra’s highest peak, which is called Comapedrosa, at 2,942m.

Hiking in Andorra: Can you walk across Andorra? How long does it take to walk across Andorra?

Given that Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is one of the few countries that you can walk all the way across in just a few days. From one end to the other, it extends 30km east to west and 25.5km north to south. In terms of how long does it take to walk across Andorra, that will depend on your level of expertise, fitness, routes and how much of a rush you’re in, but it is doable.

What is more common to do, and widely considered one of the best hikes in Andorra, is to do the Grande Randonnée de Pays trail, which circumnavigates all of Andorra.

In any case, it cannot be overstated that you should plan your Andorra hiking route well in advance and properly understand the area if you’re planning to hike across the whole country.