Clases de esquí y snowboard Grandvalira

Learn to ski in Andorra

If you're just starting out in the world of skiing, we welcome you. Grandvalira is your perfect destination. With more than 400 specialized instructors at your disposal, you can easily learn to ski. Explore the options for lessons and beginner's pass.

Ski slopes for beginners in Andorra

In Grandvalira, the majority of sectors have a green area for beginners. These are areas with very little gradient, so they are perfect for beginner skiers, or anyone who hasn’t skied in a long time. It is easier to control your movements and balance on this type of slope, without ending up going too fast. These areas are also located close to ski lifts, which link them to other slopes of different levels. So, once you are more confident, you will easily be able to move on to blue slopes. Remember that you can check the slope map to find out more about the facilities.

 Pass for beginners

With the beginners’ pass, you will have access to the Grandvalira beginners’ areas. With this type of pass, you will be able to take the cable car in the sector you are visiting, and some of the ski lifts in the beginners’ area. You can check out all the lifts on our website. As this is a pass for beginners, you will not have access to lifts that lead to areas with higher level slopes. If you would prefer a pass that gives you unlimited access to the ski lifts, we recommend getting the day pass.

Ski lessons for beginners

The group lessons for beginners are a great option if you are thinking of starting out. These are lessons with a group of skiers who are all at the same level, lasting 3 hours. If you prefer a much more personalised experience, you can choose to have individual lessons. For more information, check out the options for ski and snowboard lessons at Grandvalira. 

Related questions

Where can you learn to ski in Andorra?

In Andorra, all the resorts have slopes for beginners. In skiing, the green slopes are the ones that are for beginner level. In Grandvalira, all the sectors have a green slopes area where you are able to start out.

How many lessons do you need to learn to ski?

It will depend on how much time you dedicate to practising your skiing, as well as each person’s natural ability. As a general rule, we can achieve the necessary coordination and balance to enable you to go down green and blue slopes with just a few lessons, and to practise regularly in order to make progress.