The most beautiful villages in Andorra

villages-andorraMillions of tourists visit Andorra every single year and the reasons for spending time in the principality vary. For many, the Andorra skiing is the primary reason, but people are also attracted by the food, by the culture, by the affordability and by the many Andorra beautiful places. Given that the entire microstate is nestled in the picturesque surroundings of the Pyrenees Mountain Range, all of the Andorra villages are charming and enchanting. It’s like visiting a real-life fairytale.

As for how many villages are in Andorra, there are 44 official statistical towns or villages that are recorded by the country’s authorities. These towns and villages are split across the seven parishes of Andorra, which are, in order of size from largest to smallest: Andorra la Vella (population of 23,600), Escaldes–Engordany (population of 16,000), Encamp (population of 13,200), Sant Julià de Lòria (population of 9,200), La Massana (population of 8,500), Canillo (population of 4,600) and Ordino (population of 3,300).

Andorra la Vella is a parish, but also the capital city of the principality. So, the answer to the question of what is the main town in Andorra is undoubtedly Andorra la Vella. But, there are then many quieter and more tranquil villages in the microstate, which are worth exploring for their unique charm. 

So, of all the Andorra villages to visit, which ones should you spend time exploring, or even consider staying in for your Andorra accommodation? That’s what we’ll outline below as we go through a list of five Andorra villages and towns worth seeing:


Llorts is a must in terms of visiting Andorra villages, for a number of reasons. Found in the parish of Ordino in the north of the country, Llorts has a population of around just 200 people, but it boasts plenty of character and has been officially declared a site of cultural interest.

The Llorts Mine is a fascinating landmark, as it is the only mine still intact in the principality, which boasts a strong mining history. You can even follow a route into the mine tunnels of Llorts to learn about the history of what was Andorra’s most important industry before tourism. Unsurprisingly, given this mine’s importance, Llorts is a stop along the famous Ruta del Ferro, a mostly flat 4.2km trail that is very popular with families and that leads you on an adventure through Andorra’s industrial past.


Pal regularly features on lists of Andorra beautiful places because it is such a well-preserved Romanesque village, with incredible and historic stone buildings, that make you forget you’re just a half-hour drive away from the capital city of Andorra la Vella.
Located in the centre-west of the microstate, Pal is also close to some wonderful scenery in the form of awesome cliffs and rich pine forests. If you pick up a postcard of a beautiful Andorran village, it might very well be a photo of Pal or the surrounding area.


One of the most south-western Andorra villages, and therefore one of the easiest to reach from the Andorra–La Seu d'Urgell Airport, is Bixessarri. It has fewer than 100 residents, making it one of the most tranquil places in the entire country. The serenity is what many look for when trying to answer the question of what is the prettiest village in Andorra.

But, Bixessarri is more than just calm and quiet. It is also so picturesque, not least because of the mountain stream which flows right through the middle of this tiny village. Spending an afternoon having a coffee by that little river is what being on holiday is all about.


While technically more of a town than a village, Ordino is one highly recommended spot for any visitor to Andorra. Of all the towns and villages in the microstate, it is only the eighth largest, with its population of 2,100, but it is big enough to offer a couple of interesting museums, such as the Casa Museu d’Areny Plandolit, a nobleman’s manor house showcasing historic Andorra.

Located in the north of the country and sitting at 1,300 metres above sea level, Ordino is known for its culture and old-fashioned look, which includes old wooden balconies and impressive slate roofs. The incredible flowers of this area also brighten Ordino up, so this is a part of Andorra you won’t want to miss.


When you’re looking for the most enchanting villages in Andorra, what you might really be looking for is an opportunity to travel back in time to a simpler era. That is possible in Sispony in the centre of the country in the parish of La Massana, close to Anyós, another of the Andorra villages worth visiting.

In Sispony, the old cobbled streets and traditional stone or wooden houses immediately catch the eye, as it looks like something out of a movie. Of all the Andorra villages, Sispony is also particularly famous for having some of the best bordas or bordes, the local name given to old storehouses that have been converted into Andorran restaurants. As such, a visit to Sispony can allow you to taste some of the best Andorran cuisine in the most traditional of settings. And, that kind of experience is exactly what you’re probably looking for if you’re setting off to explore the Andorra villages.