2022 Europa Cup FIS Alpine Skiing Finals

From 14 to 20 March



Check all the press releases related to the 2022 European Cup Finals and the 2023 World Cup Finals.




The ski area of Grandvalira in Andorra has been the venue for several top-level sporting events in recent years in the alpine skiing, speed skiing and freestyle skiing categories.

Following the success of the 2012 and 2016 Alpine Skiing World Cups and the 2019 World Cup Finals, the largest resort in southern Europe is back in action holding the European Cup Finals (from 14 to 20 March 2022), which will be an organizational test before our second World Cup Finals (from 13 to 19 March 2023).

The sporting legacy that has been built has allowed the Principality of Andorra to face the challenge of presenting itself as a candidate to host the 2027 Alpine World Ski Championships.

For the first time in history, Andorra has the guarantees and opportunity to opt for holding one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world.

This has been the path that has taken us to where we are today:


The largest resort in southern Europe is to once again host the Finals of the European Cup. The event will be held across two sections of the World Cup course in the territory: namely, the legendary Avet piste in Grandvalira – Soldeu, and the iconic Àliga piste in Grandvalira – El Tarter. It will be the third time that the resort has had the honour of hosting this competition.

The Cup will also serve as an organizational test, ensuring that the 2019 World Cup Finals, which are to take place on the same pistes, are a resounding success.


12/03/2018 10:00 h   DH Training Ladies
13/03/2018 10:15 h   DH Training Ladies
  12:00 h   Downhill Ladies
14/03/2018 09:30 h / 12:30 h Giant Slalom Men  
  10:00 h   Super G Ladies
15/03/2018 09:30 h / 12:30 h Slalom Men  
16/03/2018 09:30 h / 12.00 h Giant Slalom Ladies  
  11:00 h   Super G Men
17/03/2018 09:30 h / 12:30 h Slalom Ladies  
  10:00 h   DH Training Men
18/03/2018 10:30 h   Downhill Men




The Avet piste was chosen to host the trials of the 2012 Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup. The competition venue is located in Grandvalira-Soldeu and its classic run, which was officially approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) in October 2007, was specially prepared in order to provide a safe yet spectacular course.


The piste can be reached via the eight-person Grandvalira-Soldeu gondola lift and the six-person ski lift.

The piste faces north-west, which guarantees good-quality snow. Much of the downhill course passes through the village of Soldeu, which is where the finish line is located. As a result, the entire course is perfectly visible from the village and can be seen from the best rooms in most of the hotels.


Details of the GS Avet piste: 

  • Start line: 2.266 m
  • Finish line: 1.950 m
  • Length: 1.259 m
  • Vertical drop: 400 m
  • Average gradient: 37%
  • Orientation: N / E

Details of the SL Avet piste: 

  • Start line: 2.043 m
  • Finish line: 1.950 m
  • Lenght: 571 m
  • Vertical drop: 200 m
  • Average gradient: 36.3%
  • Orientation: N / E




From a bird’s-eye view, the Àliga SG and Àliga SL pistes comprise an “X” shape that is a precise echo of the Grandvalira logo. The competition venue is located in Grandvalira-El Tarter and its speed and technical routes, officially approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), have been specially prepared over the years to ensure the safety of the skiers as well as spectacular performances.

It is 2.7 kilometres long, 60 metres wide and has an altitude difference of 600 metres. Skiers can reach speeds in excess of 120 km/h.


SG details for the Àliga piste:

  • Start line: 2.325 m
  • Finish line: 1.725 m
  • Length: 2.186 m
  • Vertical drop: 600 m
  • Average gradient: 28,4%
  • Orientation: NW / NE

DH details for the Àliga piste:

  • Start line: 2.435 m
  • Finish line: 1.725 m
  • Length: 2.598 m
  • Vertical drop: 710 m
  • Average gradient: 28.2%
  • Orientation: NW / NE










Covid-19 Measures

The 2022 Europa Cup Finals will strictly follow all the protocols established by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andorra for the holding of sporting events, as well as all the instructions set by the International Ski Federation.

The organization will adapt all prevention and safety measures to the development of the health situation.



The main requirement is the motivation for contributing to the success of an international event of the highest level.
There are many different positions where everyone can contribute their skills.
Some positions require very good level of skiing, other language...
¡Thank you in advance for your interest and support!


I want to volunteer !










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