Top things to do in Andorra in spring

Approximately five million tourists visit Andorra each year, with the microstate proving very popular with people looking for a skiing holiday. Yet, there are many other things to do in Andorra in addition to skiing, as this country packs a lot in to its little space.

If you want to visit Andorra, you can do so in any month of the year and find some fascinating activities and things to do in Andorra. But, travel to Andorra in spring might provide the best combination of snowy skiing conditions in April and sunny weather for Andorra’s famous après ski. Here, then, comes a look at why the best time to visit Andorra might just be the spring months of March, April and May.

things to do in Andorra in spring

Travel to Andorra in spring: Is Andorra worth visiting in March, April and May?

For anyone wondering ‘Is Andorra worth visiting in spring?’, the answer is that yes, travel to Andorra in spring can provide the best mix of skiing and nice weather

Experts in skiing in the Pyrenees will tell you that the very best time for snowfall is January and February, but there is also snowfall in the Pyrenees mountain range in March and April. Looking at the 2023 dates for skiing in Andorra in spring, the 2022/23 Grandvalira ski season ran from Friday 2nd December 2022 until Sunday 16th April 2023. As such, skiing remains the top answer in the debate of what to do in Andorra in spring.

While the snowfall in Andorra in spring isn’t quite as reliable as in the first two months of the year, there is still a very good level of snowfall and also the phenomenon of spring snow, which some skiers prefer. Then, you have the advantage of the improved springtime weather, allowing you to combine a skiing trip with other things to do in Andorra that might not be possible in deeper winter.

Things to do in Andorra: What's on in Andorra in spring?

As mentioned above, skiing remains one of the top things to do in Andorra in spring, but there are other activities too at this time of year. For example, more trekking routes open up at this time of year and this is one of the top options for what to do in Andorra, given the absolutely stunning scenery in this part of the world.

Another must is to visit Andorra La Vella, the capital of the principality which has cheap shopping options – due to the microstate’s advantageous tax rules – and which has various museums worth visiting, for all kinds of tastes and ages.

Andorra La Vella has great evening and nightlife too and you can benefit from the extra hours of sunlight if you decide to travel to Andorra after the clocks move forward in the spring.

Visit Andorra highlights: What is Andorra famous for? What do people do for fun in Andorra?

The best things to do in Andorra have already been mentioned above, as skiing is the most popular activity in this part of the world while shopping and nightlife are two of the other main attractions for the majority of tourists who travel to Andorra.

One Andorra highlight that really should be underlined is the famous Andorra après ski. The term après ski is French and literally means “after ski”, referring to the post-skiing part of the day when tourists in Andorra gather for some food and drinks with beautiful views. is Andorra worth visiting in spring because of the springtime après ski alone? Many would tell you that yes, it absolutely is.