Pista Aliga

Created from two separate slopes at Grandvalira-El Tarter, when viewed from above the Aliga SG and Aliga DH slopes form a giant X that is identical to the Grandvalira logo. The Àliga slope is certified by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and has hosted numerous editions of the Alpine Ski World Cup. The slope will once again host top-level competitions at the 2023 Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals. Discover why Grandvalira is a resort of champions.

Aliga course: details for the Super-G (SG) category

  • Start: 2,325 m
  • Finish: 1,725 m
  • Length: 2,186 m
  • Vertical drop: 600 m
  • Average gradient: 28%
  • Maximum gradient: 56%
  • Minimum gradient: 6%
  • Orientation: NE

Aliga course: details for the Downhill (DH) category

  • Start: 2,476 m
  • Finish: 1,725 m
  • Length: 2,753 m
  • Vertical drop: 751 m
  • Average gradient: 28%
  • Maximum gradient: 56%
  • Minimum gradient: 6%
  • Orientation: NE
Copa del món


Since 2008, Grandvalira has hosted competitions such as the Europa Cup and World Cup on several occasions. Initially, these top-level events took place on the Avet slope in the Soldeu sector. Today, however, the speed events such as Downhill and Super-G use the Àliga slope, while the Avet slope hosts the more technical events such as Slalom and Giant Slalom. The most noteworthy events involving the Aliga slope include:

  • 2029: Candidacy for the Alpine Ski World Championships
  • 2023: World Cup Finals
  • 2022: Europa Cup Finals
  • 2019: World Cup Finals
  • 2018: Europa Cup Finals
  • 2016: Women’s World Cup
  • 2015: Europa Cup Finals
  • 2014: Europa Cup Finals
Pista Àliga


The high-speed sections of the Aliga slope have been redesigned in recent years in order to guarantee the skiers’ safety while ensuring the action remains as spectacular as possible. The redesign restored the final section of the slope’s former layout, so that it could be used for competitions in the Slalom category, and from then on it was referred to as the Aliga SL. From 2014 onwards, Aliga began to share the limelight with the Avet slope, which had already been hosting top-level competitions (such as the Alpine Ski Europa Cup) since 2008. At present, the speed events (Downhill and Super-G) are held on the Aliga slope, while the more technical events (Slalom and Giant Slalom) take place on the Avet slope.  

Thanks to the investments that have been made and the redesigns that have been carried out over the years, Aliga became the first slope in the Pyrenees to host a World Cup event in the Downhill category. As a result, it has helped to position Grandvalira internationally as a leading resort and has raised awareness of Andorra’s historical passion for skiing.