Medical center

Grandvalira has five medical centers dotted around the different sectors in the resort and a helicopter in case the victims require evacuation.

If an accident should happen, our slope managers can get to the injured person within seconds and take them to the nearest medical center. First of all they evaluate the situation, immobilize the injury and then get the person to the nearest medical center as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the injury, the rescuers may decide to move the injured person, or may call doctors to come out to the scene of the accident.

Ski with complete peace of mind
When you buy your ski pass we also recommend that you purchase ski insurance. This offers coverage during all your skiing days and includes unlimited rescue on the slopes and care in the medical center without cost to the skier as well as other benefits.

Please note that insurance must be taken out before using the ski pass.


Telephone numbers of medical centres:

Canillo (Cable car building), T.+376 852 109

Soldeu (Snow stretcher), T. +376 852 776

El Tarter (Down slopes), T. +376 852 330

Grau Roig (Down slopes), T. +376 759 181

Pas de la Casa (Down slopes), T. +376 855 225


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