Zip line

The  zip line  is located in Mon(t) Magic at Canillo.

It has a 550 meters route with a height of 40 meters and speeds up to 80 km / h downhill.

Individual activity performed in sitting position being necessary to weight minimum 35 kg and don’t exceed 120 kg maximum.

It’s an opportunity to enjoy the best views over the lake ’Llac del Forn’ and experience the adrenaline in the heart of nature.

And for the first time in Andorra, the activity will also remain active in winter, being operational and available to visitors and skiers during almost all year long.



PRICES 2020/21 Zip Line


Sitting position (min 35kg/max 140kg) 16,00 €
Extended position (min 50kg /max 115kg) 21,00 €
Tandem mode (child + adult) 1 26,00 €
Hours: from 10 a.m. It has to have ski pass (pedestrian or skier). Tandem: Children from 20kg, 80kg joint weight min / max 130kg.

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