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Ski & Mountain Academy

Grandvalira as part of its consistent focus on innovation and offering the best of services, presents its new school concept, the Ski & Mountain Academy. A new concept providing a revitalized learning program that still preserves the essence and tradition of the over 50 years of experience held by the professionals working within. The Ski & Mountain Academy unites past and present, the best instructors specialized in the distinct disciplines taught and the most cutting-edge courses. In our 6 centers we have + 400 instructors who share their expertise in the world of snow and mountains, as well as their skiing knowledge.         

The courses offered are divided as follows: School for Adults, Children's School and Specialization Courses, all focusing on making skiing and snow sports an enjoyable learning experience, comprehensive training for body and mind, and respect for the environment in which we find ourselves.



From Beginners Level, right through to Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level.  The Ski & Mountain Academy is more than just a school, it is designed to get the most out of learning at every level and to adapt the program to the needs of each person.


Grandvalira continues to focus on the little ones. Adapted programs are offered for them to begin the sport, where they can enjoy skiing in the different children's circuits throughout the resort and also, learn to respect the mountains.


At our Ski & Mountain Academy we go one step further than traditional skiing courses to offer more specific programs, in which current trends can be discovered such as Freeride or Mountain Skiing. We also have professionals from one of the most acrobatic disciplines like Freestyle or the exclusive Top Class program where the most qualified instructors in the resort offer tailor-made services to their customers.


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