The Àliga and Avet slopes of the World Cup Finals pass “snow control”

The slopes that will host the world's best 25 skiers in each discipline meet the granulometry and snow density requirements of the FIS.

The experts declared that the Avet slope in particular is now in excellent condition for the technical disciplines.

'Snow control' passed. The Avet and Àliga slopes of the Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals have undergone the rigorous inspection required by the International Ski Federation (FIS) to review the suitability of the skiable surface where races will be held from 11 to 17 February in the sectors of Soldeu El Tarter de Grandvalira.

Unlike the last editions of the European Cup and the World Cup, no FIS delegates were sent to carry out the inspection of the slopes. The international body, in a gesture of absolute confidence towards the Organizing Committee, assigned this task to the Technical Team of the World Cup Finals led by Jordi Pujol, the event's Race Director.

The team analysed the snow along the slopes which will be hosting the world's best 25 skiers in each discipline. “We are within the limits of the granulometry and snow density requirements established by the FIS”, commented Sebastia Plaza, Chief Engineer of Grandvalira-Soldeu El Tarter And he added “In particular, Avet is currently in excellent condition. This is how it has to be in order to accommodate technical challenges that require a much harder, more compact surface”.

The experts measured the thickness of the snow in all parts of the slopes. As it turns out, the FIS indicated a minimum depth of 40 cm and in many areas the slopes “pass the metre mark”, said Plaza.

After official confirmation of the positive FIS “snow control”, Jordi Pujol, Race Director of the Finals, praised the work of the cannon equipment and other machinery. “The anticyclone has gone on for weeks and our test showed that the work done has been adequate. These good results are due to the great efforts by the entire team to maintain the slopes in their current condition”.

The Operations Team plans to close the upper part of the Àliga de El Tarter slope today, and close the lower part tomorrow. The Avet de Soldeu slope will still be open for a few more days.