New access protocol for the Andorran ski resorts for the 2021-22 season

The COVID certificate is mandatory to access the Andorran ski resorts.


The access control with COVID certificate applies to all of the ski areas: to practice any ski activities including ski mountaineering, snowshoeing and others as well as to access the ski lifts, restaurants and enclosed spaces.


Ski Andorra announces that as a result of the evolution of the epidemiological situation related to COVID-19, and in order to guarantee the season, the COVID certificate will be mandatory to access the Andorran ski resorts to practice any ski activities including  ski mountaineering, snowshoes and others as well as to access the ski lifts, restaurants, schools and the rest of the areas considered part of the ski resort domain.


 The stations will carry out controls with the aim of ensuring the safety of customers and workers.  Immunity may be proven from the age of 16 by means of one of the following options:


  • Certificate of vaccination: with the second dose administered more than 14 days prior or having passed the disease more than 6 months prior and having received one dose of the vaccine more than 14 days ago.


  • Certificate of recovery having had the COVID-19 in the last 6 months.


  • Negative diagnostic test certificate which must be a PCR or TMA done in the last 72 hours or a rapid negative antigen test done in the last 12 hours.


The ski stations will reserve the right to deny access or withdraw the ski pass to all those customers who cannot provide the mandatory COVID certification or do not meet the requirements.  With these safety measures, the Andorran ski resorts would like to guarantee maximum safety to their customers and workers, and secure the ski season.


 In accordance with current and complementary legal provisions, the ski stations maintain a complete set of measures aimed at ensuring the health and safety of their customers, their staff and the local population.


  • It will be mandatory to cover the face with a mask, or with an approved face cover, for all those over 6 years old on the ski lifts, in the waiting areas and upon boarding the mechanical installations.


  • The use of the mask will be mandatory in enclosed spaces, buildings and common areas such as restaurants, schools, shops and ticket offices for people over the age of six.


  • As for group sizes, the meetings will be a maximum of 6 people inside and 10 people outside.


  • It will not be necessary to cover the face during the descent in skiing and snowboarding but it is recommended.


  • It is recommended to buy and book online via the ski station websites to avoid going to the ticket offices.


  • Capacity will not be limited to open and ventilated ski lifts.


  • The capacity of closed ski lifts will be subject to the regulations established by the Government of Andorra regarding public transport at all times.


  • They will establish measures of social distancing during the most critical points.
  • Capacity may be limited to enclosed spaces such as restaurants, schools, shops or equipment rentals, where a social distance of at least 1.5 meters between people is highly recommended.


  • The cleaning and disinfection service for common areas will be heightened.


  • They will install new air filtration systems in the heating ducts.


  • There will be hydro-alcohol dispensers in the boarding area of ​​the gondolas and the station buildings and restaurants.


  • The ticket vending machine will be heightened and, to this end, new ticket vending machines and ski pass collection machines have been added to the different access points for the stations.


  • Contactless payment recommendation and cash collection ATM systems will be installed to prevent faulty handling by staff.


  • It is recommended to use the mobile apps of the different ski stations to stay informed and consult the track map which functions without an Internet connection.


  • Also prior reservations are highly recommended at a la carte restaurants, where priority will be given to customers with a reservation to control capacity.



 These measures have been announced on 30/11/2021 with a valid period of 15 days and will be modified according to the evolution of the health situation.