This season the Soldeu sector opens a new 150,000 square foot ski platform at the foot of the Avet slope, one of the entrances to the resort. The infrastructure, which overflows the Valira River in the East, will also have an underground parking lot with 450 places. Construction of this platform responds to the need to adapt the arrival of the Avet slope to host the Finals of the Alpine Ski World Cup that will take place from 11 to 17 March 2019. This is the most important sporting event in Andorra’s history and an opportunity for international prestige. The improvements made to the foot of the Avet slope also fulfils the objective of providing Soldeu with a snow front for skiers, similar to that of many alpine resorts, in order to connect the town with the resort, as well as offering more parking spaces. This new infrastructure is the reflection of the constant innovation that allows Grandvalira to position itself at the highest international level and to show the best image of Andorra and the snow sector. It is an almost 25 million euro investment, a project of great technical complexity that has been endorsed by the Department of Environment and Sustainability of the Government of Andorra.


One of Grandvalira’s firm convictions is to support families and beginner skiers. For this reason, the resort has renovated the Tortuga and Les Deveses slopes, of the Grau Roig and Encamp sectors respectively.

The Tortuga slope expands its route to allow skiers to arrive at the base of this side of the resort only via the blue slope. The opening of this new section connects with the lower part of the Granota slope, avoiding the crossing with a black slope and a red slope. This slope extension has artificial snow to make sure it can open while offering a more comfortable alternative for less experienced skiers.

Les Deveses, one of the most used blue slopes for the progress of novice skiers in the Encamp sector, is now wider. During the expansion work, the slope improvement has also been taken into account to offer skiers more comfort and stability.


The emblematic Àliga slope of the El Tarter sector has been set up in order to host the 2019 Alpine Ski World Cup Finals while guaranteeing safety, quality and efficiency. A stretch is extended (from the last jump to the finish line) to have a wider and flatter slope as well as to be able to build the Team Event exit and have sufficient space for the Descents and the Super Giant tracks. 650 feet of protective netting has been installed in the area of the crossing of the Esparver slope. In addition, the foot of the slope has been extended in order to increase space and be able to hold the podiums for the World Cup awards ceremony.


Grandvalira’s 210 km (130 mi.) of skiable slopes are equipped with a vast and powerful network of snow cannons strategically placed throughout the resort’s 6 sectors. The resort therefore has the capacity to ensure that more than 65% of its area is skiable, weather permitting. Since the resort first opened, its has continually invested in snow cannons, progressively expanding its infrastructure to reach its current state: a network made up of more than 1,000 cannons. For this 2018-2019 season, the resort has acquired new, high-pressure and low-pressure cannons to cover some slopes without artificial snow and in areas that suffer more wear and tear due to the skiers. In addition, the improvement works of the innovation network carried out allow the resort to take advantage of the lowest temperatures and increase the production of snow in minimal time. On the one hand, the Enllaç slope in the Grau Roig sector has improved its innovation network offering the skier another return route to the Enradort-Llac del Cubil area from the Funicamp and Soldeu. On the other hand, three new low pressure cannons have been acquired for the area at the foot of the Avet slope and some high pressure cannons have been replaced in the Soldeu, El Tarter and Canillo sectors. 


This 2018-19 season, the Soldeu cable car has 51 new cabins with capacity for 8 seated or standing passengers. The design of the cars allows the skier to transport material inside the cabin. For the entertainment of the users, one of the newly installed cars has a clear floor to make the ascent more appealing.


The Pic Negre 2 re-opens in the Pas de la Casa sector, one of the resorts’ most extreme ski lifts. Its location means that only the most experienced skiers can access it. After 20 years without working, this legendary ski lift takes advantage of the freeride boom and the improvements to the Isards area to enable its re-opening. The objective is to give access to one of the most virgin territories of Pas de la Casa; an untapped area that is due to open when conditions allow for the enjoyment of the best natural dust snow.


Funicamp now enjoys a renovated lobby. The upgrades mean the lobby now offers the sale of ski passes, a new point of sale for the ski school, an extension of the ski storage and a new café with terrace-lounge. As of this season, the entrance space at the Funicamp opens to customers to offer more facilities and services in a transit area.


The three Snowparks of the resort have new modules, tubes and drawers installed, diversifying the offer as well as hosting a schedule of tight freestyle events. Among the most acclaimed competitions, the SLVSH Cup Grandvalira will return for another season and will take place in El Peretol, and the 15th edition of the Total Fight Masters of Freestyle is also returning to El Tarter this year. The names of the Snowparks in the Grau Roig sector have been updated and renamed Sunrise Park Xavi by Henrik Harlaut and Sunset Park Peretol by Henrik Harlaut. The three Grandvalira Snowparks continue to offer a great variety of different spaces to jump and grind from 9am until 9pm, 12 hours of uninterrupted freestyle!


One of Grandvalira’s mission statements is its commitment to the Environment. Our environment is without a doubt one of our most valuable assets. This is why the new acquisitions for the resort must always meet the environmental requirements needed to minimise the impact on the natural environment. In this regard, Soldeu El Tarter has acquired a new snow grooming machine with an electric motor that makes traction of the ratrac and the milling discs faster and more efficient. The machine, which consumes fewer hydrocarbons, is self-sustaining, as it produces energy in descents. In addition, the hydraulic system makes work on the slopes greener and more sustainable.

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