Prevention measures against COVID-19


Our priority is that the experience at Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís this season is as fun and exciting as previous winters. The difference is that we will put in place a whole series of preventive measures with the aim of ensuring your safety and our staff's.

We cannot and do not want to turn the resort into an operating theatre, we want you to escape enjoying the snow with the peace of mind that we have put all our efforts into ensuring that Grandvalira Resorts is a Covidien Ready space. For this reason all the measures applied to the station will be certified by the quality seals of Bureau Veritas and OCA.



Health is our priority

In accordance with current and complementary legal provisions, we have developed a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients, our staff and the local population. Please practice personal responsibility and therefore protect your health and that of those around you. If we all work together we will not give Covid-19 any choice.

  • In order to ensure the safety of the population and the peace of mind of tourists and visitors, tests will be carried out regularly on staff at the ski resorts.
  • As well as on tourist sector workers and those linked to commerce throughout the country. 

  • It won’t be necessary for customers to cover their faces when skiing or snowboarding down the slopes but it is recommended. 
  • All visitors over the age of 6 must cover their face with a mask or an approved BUFF®️ type neck gaiter on lifts, in waiting areas and at boarding points for mechanical installations.
  • It will be mandatory to wear a mask in enclosed spaces, buildings and common areas such as restaurants, schools, shops and ticket offices.

  • Customers are advised to book and make purchases online with accommodation at the website. As well as guaranteeing the best price, all web purchases are covered by an official cancellation guarantee and a free refund.
  • We recommend using a Season Ski Pass or a Ski Pass Plus+ , both of which allow customers to go directly to the lift without having to go through the ticket offices.

  • A capacity limit will not be set on the opened and ventilated lifts. 
  • The capacity of the closed lifts will depend on the regulations issued by the Government of Andorra regarding public transport at any given time. 
  • The cable cars and buildings will be treated using a photocatalytic system with a long-lasting effect that eliminates viruses and bacteria from all surfaces. 

  • Physical distancing measures will be established at the most critical points.
  • Where recommended, enclosed spaces such as restaurants, schools, shops or equipment rental shops have a reduced capacity and also require a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to be maintained between people. 

  • The cleaning and disinfection of common spaces will be reinforced.
  • Air filtration systems will also be installed in the heating system air ducts.
  • There will hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the cable car boarding areas as well as in resort buildings and restaurants.


  • The self-service system has therefore been improved, incorporating new sales machines and collection points for passes at the various access points to the resort.
  • Contactless and automatic cash machines for the payment with cash are recommended to avoid the staff having to handle cash

  • The use of paper maps and informative materials will be minimised. The use of the Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís Apps to stay informed and consult the slope map is advised. They work without having to be connected to the internet and include an audioguide.
  • Prior booking at the à la carte restaurants is also recommended. With the aim of limiting capacity, service priority will be given to those with a booking.


If a customer with a booking is unable to visit Grandvalira Resorts due to COVID-19, even though the domain is open, they can cancel their booking at no cost, provided they give 24 hours’ notice. For accommodation packages, the customer should check the establishment’s cancellation policy of the reservation.


The declaration of the state of alarm in Spain and France means that there are mobility restrictions which may affect access to Andorra. In France, on 15 December, mobility restrictions were lifted and a curfew was imposed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.  More information

In Spain, each autonomous community has different dates according to the evolution of the epidemic. However, anyone can enter Andorra as long as there are no more restrictive measures in their Autonomous Community. You will need to carry personal documentation and any proof of travel, as the Spanish authorities may require it during the journey. More information  


Tourists over 6 years old, except those coming from Spain, France or Portugal, and who spend 3 nights or more in Andorra, must present a PCR or TMA test made 72 hours in advance with negative results.
In the case of school groups coming to spend the white week, they must also show a negative test regardless of their origin.


Prices may change as a result of the health conditions currently established by various governments and official bodies in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this respect, prices may change should the health conditions established by governments and official bodies alter due to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEVASA shall refund any payments made by the Client, without applying cancellation charges, in the following cases(*):   

  • A ban on leaving the zone of origin imposed by the country of origin by means of a statement issued by a public institution or a duly accredited government source.
  •  A ban on entry into the country, officially decreed by the government of Andorra or other local authorities.
  •  Flight restrictions or the complete closure of airports in Spain or France. 

(*)For reservations including accommodation, Grandvalira Resorts has an extensive list of hotels which have the COVID Guarantee with the aim of guaranteeing all customers a refund of the amount paid in their accommodation reservations, without any surcharges, provided that the the above-mentioned conditions are met


The Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís season passes are covered by a refund guarantee that ensures that in the event of a forced closure of the resort due to COVID-19 during the 2020-21 season, Grandvalira Resorts will apply a refund for the unused ski days. Thus, a reimbursement would be made to customers who have purchased their pass during the Early Booking period and request a refund, and for customers who purchased it in a promotional period or at the usual price, the return of the amount in a redeemable voucher for the following season.

The Refund Guarantee contains a calculation table with the refund percentage to be applied, depending on the date of a hypothetical early closure or the closure of the borders with Andorra, which would impede visitors from travelling to Grandvalira.


Regular COVID-19 control tests will be carried out on the instructors at the Grandvalira Ski and Snowboarding School throughout the whole season to ensure their safety as well as that of customers. The schools have adapted their technical protocols to ensure the safety of their customers and instructors. The service will be prioritised to those who have made a reservation in advance. It is advisable to reserve in advance on 

Hydroalcoholic gel is available and all the surfaces will be disinfected regularly. All the equipment will be disinfected between each use.

The school meeting point will be outside to avoid the concentration of people in an enclosed space.


Wearing a mask is compulsory when not sitting at the table, and seating has been arranged to ensure a safe distance between the different groups. There will be hand disinfectant at the entrance to the premises and much more frequent cleaning and disinfection will be carried out. Restaurant menus will be in QR format to avoid paper handling.

It is recommended to reserve a table in advance in those restaurants with a la carte service through the Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís app and the websites and


Like many other well-known resorts around Europe, due to its social commitment, Grandvalira has decided not to open its iconic après-ski spaces at the resort during the 2020-2021 winter season.

Grandvalira is aware of the collective effort to overcome the current situation and does not consider in appropriate to jeopardise this sacrifice made. The spaces of Abarset and Après Amelie will return the following winter ready to party and stronger than ever. 


This winter the Grandvalira Resorts are maintaining plans to hold first-class international events. For the seventh winter running, Ordino Arcalís will set the stage for the renowned Freeride World Tour, from the week starting the 22nd February through to the 27th.

As for the Grau Roig sector of Grandvalira, it will host the Speed Ski World Cup, on dates still to be determined.

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