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09/12/2020 - 11:00

Grandvalira has obtained dual certification from Bureau Veritas and OCA Global as a space that is safe from COVID-19

Grandvalira is continuing to prepare for opening its facilities, with all the necessary safety guarantees. To this end, it has obtained two high-quality, prestigious certifications: Global Safe Site, and Biological Risk Control

Both of these certifications guarantee that prevention and control protocols that reduce the risks of infection caused by biological agents, such as COVID-19, are correctly applied, as far as possible

Ordino Arcalís, which has been classed as a Global Safe Site since the summer, is renewing its certification for the winter season



Andorra la Vella, 09 December 2020. Grandvalira has successfully passed two certification audits. It has obtained both the Global Safe Site certification from Bureau Veritas, and the Biological Risk Control certification from OCA Global, making it the first ski resort to have this certification.

Grandvalira has been working with Bureau Veritas since the beginning of the pandemic, with the aim of becoming a Global Safe Site. This certification verifies that the correct preventative safety measures are in place for persons, processes and the suitability of facilities in relation to COVID-19. The Global Safe Site certification aims to guarantee safety, both in the use of facilities, as well as the professionals that they employ.

The Bureau Veritas auditing staff prepared a documentary audit in the first instance, and an exhaustive “on-site” verification of capacity control and facility suitability, in line with the preventive health requirements that are necessary during the health crisis. All this complies with the requirements of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the relevant authority.

Dual certification

In fact, Grandvalira chose to get dual certification, with the Biological Risk Control reference. This guarantees that the organisation is complying with prevention and control measures in relation to the transmission of illnesses caused by biological agents, in particular, COVID-19. This reference provides maximum safety for employees, suppliers and users of the resort, allowing them to carry out their work or leisure activities in a protected manner.

In order to obtain this certification, a correct analysis of the biological risks was demonstrated, along with action protocols that reduce this risk as far as possible. These protocols, together with a contingency plan, provide evidence in order to ensure that resort activities can begin and the risk of infection is reduced.

The certification audit took place before the resort was opened to the public. After the opening, at a time when the resort is very busy, a second audit will be carried out to confirm that the protocols are being applied correctly, and to ratify the certification.

Ordino Arcalís has had Global Safe Site certification since the summer

The Ordino resort was the first to be designated a Global Safe Site by Bureau Veritas. This certification was obtained during the preparation for the season of summer activities, and it continues to apply for the winter season. This Bureau Veritas safety certification will be extended to all the establishments in the Ordino valley, in order to provide both tourists and customers with a guarantee.

Ski Pass Plus +, a practical solution during COVID

In an unpredictable time such as this one, Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís are offering a solution for their skiers: a pay-per-use season pass model. This is the Ski Pass Plus +; a product that can be booked online and that is only physically delivered to the ticket office once. In addition, it can be topped up from season to season and, therefore, the plastic and the design of the 20-21 Season Pass will not be any different from the previous winter, allowing you to renew it online and go straight to the slopes without having to visit the ticket offices.

It’s personal and non-transferable, and it works like a sort of electronic toll card. You only purchase it once, at a charge of 1 Euro (you also pay 1 Euro for top-ups), and then it remains linked to the credit card that the skier provided when they bought it. From then on, you don’t have to go to the ticket offices any more. Each ski day is charged automatically, directly, to the linked credit card when you first pass through the access doors to the ski lift, and avoiding passing through any other sales point. In addition, if it is used for more than one day at the same resort, the skier is rewarded with a 15% discount on the price of a daily pass.

This product can only be bought on the Grandvalira Resorts web page:

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