Mont Magic is designed for children between 3 and 8 years in Grandvalira

Mon(t) Magic programme

The Mon(t) Magic Program is a introduction to skiing with games and activities in the snow, programs and instructors trained for children between 3 and 8 years. Lessons start at 10am to 1 pm. Lunch is included with the rest of the children Games and activities in the afternoon. Pick up time of the children at 4.30pm at the Canillo school.

RATES 2018-2019 SEASON


MON(T) MAGIC 1 day
3 h private lessons + lunch + games and activities (2)
1 DAY Canillo 220,50 € 203,50 € Online
MON(T) MAGIC week-end (**)
6h lessons + 1 lunch + games and activities (2)
2 DAYS 155,50 € 145,50 € Online
MON(T) MAGIC 3 consecutive days
9h lessons +  lunch + games and activities (2)
3 DAYS (3) 226 € 216,50 € Online
MON(T) MAGIC 4 consecutive days
12h lessons +  lunch + games and activities (2)
4 DAYS (3) 269 € 254 € Online
MON(T) MAGIC  5 consecutive days
15h lessons + lunch + games and activities (2)
5 DAYS (3) 308,50 € 291,50 € Online

(**) Duration 1 day and a half: sunday only lessons in the morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

(3) START DAYS: MONDAYS, except Weekend group lessons, which begin on Saturdays.

(3) SPECIAL START DATES: 6/12, 27/12, 02/01 and 18/04, check availability on web, (not available for weekend lessons).

PRICE A: 22/12-06/01

PRICE B: 01/12-21/12; 07/01-22/04

OBSERVATIONS: These prices include lunch. No included the skiing material. Ages accepted: children between 3 and 12 years at Imaginarium and between 3 and 8 years at Mon(t) Magic. Children will have fun and entertaining skiing lessons in a specially dedicated area. These are beginners skiing lessons including activities in the snow and a maximum of 8 children per group. If the children have skied before, they are divided into skiing levels. Children must wear ski boots, skis and a helmet. This material is not provided by the school and cannot be rented at the slopes. Sticks are not necessary. The little ones are more sensitive to the cold and heat: they need to be suitably dressed. Remember to bring gloves, hat, etc.

VERY IMPORTANT: Good quality sun or protective glasses, as well as the ski lift pass.

ACTIVITIES (2): Snowshoes excursions, children' zip-line located at the Fornatura area, entertainment with music, dancing and games at the snow garden with characters from Mon(t) Magic.

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