Igloo Terraces


Igloo Hotel

For many years, one of the obligatory stops has undoubtedly been the terrace of the Igloo Hotel, located in the Gran Roig sector at an altitude of 2,350 meters.

Positioned in the center of the iconic "Long Slope", the hotel is built entirely of ice and changes the theme of its interior decoration each year. This season, five Andorran artists will be commissioned to sculpt the hotel's interior in line with the theme of "Andorran culture". The Igloo Hotel also boasts a terrace that is ideal for making a pit stop and enjoying a drink or one of the many gourmet dishes on offer, all under the protection of its new heated dome. The terrace can accommodate up to 20 people and offers an opportunity to experience the contrast between heat and cold in the heart of the mountains. If you are attracted to the idea of dining in such a unique location, why not reserve a table for lunch and sample the improved range of food options available this season?


Igloo Bar

And don't forget to visit the hotel's namesake bar, which is also located in the Grau Roig sector, in the vicinity of Pla de les Pedres.  The Igloo Bar also boasts a bar area and terrace where you can sample different drinks and dishes from the menu while enjoying a deserved break from your skiing activities. You can also warm up in the bar's new heated room.

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