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Grandvalira social projects

Grandvalira Social’s mission is to lead the way, break down barriers and offering opportunities that transmit encouragement and hope. This is based on two ingredients which, combined, provide pleasure and wellbeing: contact with nature and practising skiing.

By staying in the skiable area of Grandvalira, either in winter or summer, these groups can change their daily reality for just a few days.

Grandvalira seeks to promote sports and bring them closer to groups with specific needs, with an emphasis on Andorran projects without forgetting those outside the Principality. Grandvalira Social’s aims include:

  • To stimulate the leisure activities of children and young people
  • To promote suitable sports activity
  • The social integration of people with physical or mental disability
  • To publicise the value of individual achievement and a competitive spirit

Grandvalira Social also works with various entities to create a help fund for people with economic difficulties. In this regard, €3,000 cheques will be given to Cáritas and the Red Cross to help people pay their energy bills.

Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation

Every year, we organise a one-week visit for a group of 50 children and young people who are undergoing treatment for cancer, along with their doctors and carers, from the Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation in Barcelona.

We have been organising these visits for 25 years in order to enable these children and young people to leave their usual surroundings behind them for a few days to enjoy all the benefits that mountain activities can bring to them.

Staff at the Foundation note that, after a few days’ spent in the snow, their patients respond better to treatment.

Visit by the Enfants de la Lune Association

This association is devoted to people with xeroderma pigmentosum, a disorder which means that they cannot be exposed to sunlight or conventional artificial lighting. For this reason, activities have to take place after sunset, and the environment has to be adapted to their condition, with a specific type of artificial lighting.

Every winter, we enable these “Children of the Night” to ski and enjoy the snow at night. This is, no doubt, an exciting experience, both for the children themselves and for the monitors and volunteers who work for the social fund.

Cooperation with the Meritxell Special School

We have established a cooperation agreement with this school, which provides care and support for people with disabilities.

ADIS Foundation

This foundation works for the social integration of people with mental disabilities in La Cerdanya.

Twice a year, once in winter and again in summer, Grandvalira opens its doors to enable people from the Adis Foundation to enjoy a day out, providing them with a break from their usual routine.

Lycée Comte de Foix

In 2009, we cooperated with the Lycée Comte de Foix, funding the installation of lockers for pupils in the sixième course, who did not have a permanent classroom and were constantly moving around the school, carrying books and material on their backs.

Grandvalira Social provided two hundred lockers to enable these pupils to move around more easily and to minimise the risks to their health.


Tour annual cooperation with Aina is as old as the social fund itself. Every year, Grandvalira Social provides grants for families with financial difficulties so that their children can enjoy a stay at the Aina holiday camp.


We established a partnership with Càritas in 2010, providing emergency aid for families most in need.

Andorra Special Olympics Federation

The Andorra Special Olympics Federation runs a ski team with around ten members. Every year since 2008, Grandvalira Social has given this team the chance to train and to prepare for the Special Olympics International Trophy, which the Federation has organised every winter since 2009. Grandvalira prepares the slopes for this competition, as well as providing all assistance necessary to stage the event.