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Grandvalira acts as an organiser of different programmes combined with accommodation and resort services, as well as other services offered by Grandvalira or other service providers in the country.



The client is authorised to use the website and all its subdomains with the sole purpose of making legitimate enquiries or bookings and undertakes not to make speculative, false or fraudulent bookings or reservations in anticipation of demand.  Likewise, the client undertakes to provide GRANDVALIRA RESORTS with correct and accurate contact information, such as e-mail addresses, in full awareness of the possibility of GRANDVALIRA RESORTS using that information as a contact method if necessary.



By accessing and using the website and all its subdomains, consumers and clients expressly agree to all of the general terms and conditions, which are automatically considered to form part of the contract without the need for each of the terms and conditions to be individually transcribed in writing. The terms and conditions fulfil and exercise the relevant legislation in force without breach of such legislation.



The client or booking holder certifies that they are 18 years of age or over and that they have the legal capacity to use the website and all its subdomains and to enter into legal obligations.

The client certifies that all personal data provided during the booking process is correct, and accepts financial liability for any operation carried out under their name or on their behalf.

In accordance with this document, the client hereby authorises Grandvalira to include all of the personal data provided in relation to a booking (both their own and that of the persons named in the booking) in Grandvalira confidential database for future communications, in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/2003 of 18 December 2003 concerning personal data protection. To access the data, rectify it, erase it or, when appropriate, oppose its processing, the booking holder must send a request to: Av. Carlemany, 68 Despacho 401 Edificio Illa Carlemany - AD700 Escaldes-Engordany (Principat d'Andorra), or to the email address, accompanied by a copy of your ID card or equivalent proof of identity with "DATA PROTECTION" in the subject line.



The products which can be purchased on the website and all its subdomains may be booked individually or in combination as part of a service package.



Grandvalira acts solely as a promoter in relation to other providers of accommodation and other services, and as a bookings agency making reservations on behalf of users, and therefore cannot be considered to be liable for death, injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, theft, delay, or any other irregularity which is directly or indirectly related to the services provided by the hotel or other providers who market their accommodation, services and products through the Grandvalira website. Grandvalira is exempt from all contractual and non-contractual liabilities and any other type of liability. An accommodation or service provider is understood to be the providers or owners who are shown on the website and all its subdomains, and include all the facilities and services offered on this website and all its subdomains, which Grandvalira reserves on behalf of users. The information for the aforementioned hotel has been made available by the accommodation provider.

The AGENCY must communicate GRANDVALIRA by writing any food allergies or intolerances one or several members of the group may have. GRANDVALIRA will communicate this information to all restaurants. However, GRANDVALIRA is exempt of any responsibility that may arise due to a failure to comply with, negligence, error, or omission by the AGENCY of the indications given regarding food allergies or intolerances of members of the group. Therefore, any responsibility that may arise, will be attributed solely and exclusively to the AGENCY or, when necessary, to the restaurant, as long as it is independent from GRANDVALIRA.



The star rating belongs to the destination and complies with the relevant legislation in force in that area. It only serves as a general description and may not be applicable in all cases. The types of room provided by a hotel (for example, single, twin, double) may vary. It is the client’s responsibility to check the type of accommodation and the services provided by each hotel or partner agency. It is the partner agency’s responsibility to give details about the hotels, services or packages that can be reserved through them. The client accepts that we have not carried out any quality controls on the establishments offered on the website and all its subdomains. We will not be held accountable for the suitability of the accommodation or the services provided. The inclusion of accommodation on the website does not, under any circumstances, imply that Grandvalira recommends or endorses it. We disclaim all responsibility for any inaccuracies in relation to the accommodation and services offered on the website and all its subdomains.



Grandvalira acts as both owner and provider of resort services offered within the resort and sold on this website and all its subdomains.

The services offered by Grandvalira itself are as follows: passes, ski classes, adventure activities, restaurant services and other services offered at the Grandvalira ski resort.



We recommend that suitable travel insurance is purchased before the client arrives at their destination. The client is responsible for verifying that their insurance offers adequate coverage.



In the event that the client has not purchased an insurance policy, we recommend purchasing the ski insurance offered by Grandvalira, which under no circumstances acts as a substitute for travel insurance. The ski insurance policy solely and exclusively covers personal injury and injury to third parties caused during skiing and some of the adventure activities promoted and controlled by the resort as long as they are practised within the facilities of the resort. Clients are asked to read their insurance policy coverage carefully. Skiing insurance may be purchased as an additional service when booking online or directly at the ski resort's ticket offices upon presenting the pass before using any of the resort's ski lifts.

This includes reprinting a lost pass without additional costs.



According to contractual conditions, once the booking is confirmed, the established payment conditions must be met. The booking will not be final until the full payment is made. Failure to make payment will result in the booking being cancelled and the terms and conditions defined in the cancellations section being applied. Payments may be made electronically on the website.

At the resort ticket offices, the client must present our reference number and the ID of the booking holder, or the original voucher issued by our sales system or by that of the agency.

An invoice may be requested at a later date, after the end of the stay.

Bookings shall include the services specified in the booking confirmation. It is important that you read all the information on the accommodation, if included, as the stay may involve supplements and additional services which the user must pay for directly with the establishment. Grandvalira is exempt from all contractual liabilities, extra-contractual liabilities and any other type of liability in relation to these services and supplements.



The prices and availabilities of the services saved as "Quotes" are for information purposes and subject to availability review at the time of booking confirmation.



Once the client has paid the full cost of the booking as previously indicated, they will automatically receive the voucher/reference number. This voucher is the basis of the booking contract: the client acknowledges that it is their responsibility to check the confirmation and verify that all the data included therein is correct, as services will only be provided according to the details specified in the booking.



Due to the special circumstances involved in distance contracts, the client acknowledges the impossibility of signing the payment slip, understood to be the document through which permission for the transaction is normally given. Therefore, the client waives the signing of the contract for the whole electronic transaction that occurs as a result of booking via the website and all its subdomains. The person who completes the booking form on the website must have permission to make the booking on behalf of all group members participating in the trip, and must confirm that all group members accept the booking terms and conditions. Furthermore, this person will be liable for the cost of the booking, including any cancellation or modification fees. Similarly, this person will inform the other members of the group of the confirmation details and any other relevant information.



In order to facilitate and speed up access to the resort, Grandvalira offers the client a free service for delivering booking documentation (physical pass, resort service vouchers, etc.) directly to the booked accommodation. This service is only offered for bookings that include accommodation, and for bookings that are made and paid for at least 48 hours before the arrival date.

The client must present a separate voucher for each of the purchased services that, due to their location, take place outside the Grandvalira ski resort.


 The client may modify or cancel their booking at any time, before the start date of the services, through the website or any of its subdomains where they made the booking. When in doubt, contact the Grandvalira Reservation Centre directly, at or call (+376) 891 800.
If the client cancels the booking, there may be expenses incurred by the accommodation or service providers. Each service provider and each promotion has its own cancellation and/or modification policy, which is detailed in the description of the services at the time of purchase.
However, cancellations due to closed resorts will be processed in accordance with the special procedure defined by Grandvalira.
If these charges are not reflected in the service description, the following charges will apply:


1.1 PASS  
Grandvalira generates the invoice for the confirmed bookings the same day the service starts. In the event that the booking has not been used (i.e. Grandvalira has not delivered the passes to the client), the client must request its cancellation by sending a request to the following email:

The period for requesting cancellation is 7 days from the start date of the services; no charges are applied.
However, once 7 days immediately after the first day of services have lapsed, a 10% charge will be applied to the total of the confirmed booking.

Less than 24 hours and no-show from client: 100% of the total booking price.

In the event that the booking includes accommodation services, the criteria will be as specified in each booking.


From 10 days before the start of services and no-show of the group: 30% of the total booking price.

In the event that the group booking includes accommodation services, the criteria will be those requested by the accommodation in each case, as specified in each group booking contract.



A return is considered to be the return of already issued service vouchers, provided that they have not been used. Returns must be made at the ticket office on the same day the services begin, always within the operating hours of the ticket office, otherwise the return will not be accepted.
The return of a package must be done with all the complete services and must correspond to the same reservation (same locator/file number).

 Return free of charge: the maximum date accepted shall be the start date of the services, provided the return does not exceed 6 people in the total booking. A return fee of 5% shall be charged on any booking over 7 people. Promotions are excluded.         


- Return free of charge: the maximum time accepted shall be up to 24 hours before the services start.
- In the case of returns with less than 24 hours' notice or a no-show, NEVASA shall be entitled to charge 100% of the booking price.

In the event that the booking includes accommodation services the criteria will be as specified in each booking.


Return without charges will be accepted up to 24 hours before the beginning of the services as long as it does not exceed 10% of the total booking, everything that exceeds 10% will have a charge of 5% as a return charge (only on the amount that exceeds that 10%). Excludes promotions.



For modifications consult the website or any of its subdomains where the booking was made. Offers and promotions are excluded.



Changes to services, booking dates, sector or number of persons booked may incur costs as detailed. Does not apply to group bookings with accommodation, in this case, the criteria will be those specified in each booking.

2.1. TYPE OF SERVICE CHANGE: Depending on the availability of places and schedules, modifications of the type of service will be accepted up to 5 days before the entry of the group.

2.2. DATE, GROUP NAME AND/OR SECTOR CHANGE: Date, group name and/or sector changes are not permitted within 15 days of the group’s arrival.


• Reduction: Up to 5 days prior to the group’s arrival, there will be no charge for reductions in group size of up to 20%. For under 5 days, group return conditions will apply.

• Increase: Up to 5 days before the entry of the group, increases will be accepted according to availability of places and schedules, in case of non-availability in groups, the individual package rate will be applied.


Any irregularities or deficiencies detected by the client in the services booked must be reported directly to the service provider in question and during the course of the use and enjoyment of the service. The client must allow sufficient opportunity for the situation to be rectified following its discovery.

If the solution provided is not to the client’s satisfaction, they should contact Grandvalira customer service department in writing using the form.

Grandvalira does not accept liability for any damage caused by the actions, omissions or negligence of any provider or of any third party.



The client acknowledges and accepts that Grandvalira cannot be considered to be liable for any inaccurate information offered by service providers. The client also acknowledges the following: The service providers offered by Grandvalira make efforts to ensure that all information contained on this website is up to date and accurate. Therefore, the client is informed and accepts that the prices and information contained on this website may be subject to changes and are provided for information purposes only.



Grandvalira accepts no liability for any changes, cancellations or booking changes, or for any loss or damages that result from any non-fulfilment of the obligations to the client by those responsible for providing the services, when this non-fulfilment is due to circumstances caused by force majeure. For information purposes, these circumstances include, among others: war, revolution, terrorist attack, border closure, epidemic, natural disaster or any other circumstance that may have serious consequences for both parties, as well as any other unforeseen circumstances beyond Grandvalira control.



The application and interpretation of these general terms and conditions is governed by the legislation in force in the Principality of Andorra. In the event of any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of any of these terms and conditions, the parties, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction and competences of the Courts and Tribunals of the Principality of Andorra.